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The Mighty Light is a compact white light source that is ideal for microscopy, spectroscopy, machine vision, and spectral imaging applications. The Mighty Light integrates a tungsten halogen bulb and power supply with a control board that delivers uniquely low-noise output. A series of pre-aligned bolt-on accessories allow the broadband output to be coupled into a fiber or fiber bundle, homogenized and collimated, directly coupled into a microscope, or integrated with our unique Wavelength Selector devices to create a tunable, monochromatic beam.

Key product advantages:

- Compact footprint (125 x 75 x 70 mm)
- ~ 2 watts of output
- Low noise ( ±0.5%) output
- Broad continuous spectrum 350 nm ~ 2.5 μm
- Color temperature ~ 2900 K
- Bolt-on options ? no alignment required