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Date : 2017/03/01, Hit : 1234
제목    Carbon Fiber Breadboard
작성자   Yoon
화일   2017030115_Carbon Fiber Breadboards.pdf (965.20 KB | Download : 157)   

"High precision breadboards, benches and structural parts made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)""

for Optics, Precision mechanics, Lasers, Sensors, Detectors, Spectrographs, Your application …

Structures made from CFRP have been used for aerospace and space structures due to their low weight, high strength and good thermal stability for years. CarbonVision combines the beneficial material properties with a modern manufacturing technology to high-end breadboards.

Our breadboards follow exactly the needs of our customers and present state-of-the-art products in carbon fiber technology. Creating Performance Technology is CarbonVision’s mission. All its breadboards and structural parts refine high-quality products and allow for more efficient use in science and industries. This enhances the quality of research and preserves the continuous development.

• Optical Breadboards made from stainless steel are stiff, but heavy.
• Breadboards made from Aluminium are lightweight but with a large thermal expansion.
• Breadboards made from INVAR offer a low thermal expansion but are very expensive.

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